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On One’s True Nature


Digging in Italy may (subjunctive!) mean:

you will come to have a great appreciation for porta-potties. You will look upon them with fondness forever after*.

you, barehanded, will touch pieces of  lead without a care in the world**.

you will be proud to be a dork who knows how to use a shovel and a pickaxe.

Perhaps you’re only a budding dork. Or perhaps you’re in denial about being a dork. Let me just tell you that if you WANT to participate in an archaeological excavation due to a personal, academic interest in the field, you need to embrace the fact that the outside world views you as a member of the Dork Tribe. EMBRACE IT!

In my opinion, archaeologists occupy the excellent position of having both an awesome outdoor, down and dirty component to their profession alongside a tradition of intense scholastic (i.e. indoor) work. Literally and metaphorically, you have the opportunity to wear a great many hats.  It offers you the freedom that a desk job oftentimes cannot. Being called a dork or a nerd is a small price to pay.


*You’ve lucked out by digging at Ostia if you’re squeamish about this. We have INDOOR PLUMBING at Ostia and the Sebach truck can’t manage the old Roman roads. So no porta-potties for us, which truly makes me sad because they’re so much more CONVENIENT!

**Only later will you realize that to do so goes against everything your culture has taught you about interacting with this substance. You still won’t really care, though; for whatever strange reason there’s a mental disconnect between modern lead and ancient lead despite the fact that it’s just as bad for you.


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