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Spend the summer in Rome

What do you have planned for this summer?

If you join one of the AIRC study abroad programs, you could be reading messages etched in ancient stone and speaking like a Roman emperor.  Or washing dishes that have been sitting around for thousands of years.  You could  report and document (photography/film) limited access archeological sites.  And you could even go to gladiator school.

AIRC has a very exciting summer lined up, with our 10th archaeological  field school promising a ground-breaking new excavation. This year, 40 students will help us initiate a multi-year project at Ostia Antica, harbor city of ancient Rome.  This diagram  highlights the area where AIRC will be investigating: a large structure hidden beneath a fig tree.

AIRC students will have the first-ever opportunity to examine and discover this area of Ostia Antica. The structure may have been part of the ancient port’s coastal facilities. Field school students do more than just study history, they uncover it live!

If you’re not up for getting your hands dirty, you might prefer polishing your Latin with expert instructor Dr. Nancy Llewellyn, who is heading AIRC’s “Living Latin, Living History” program, which can be taken in a two- or four-week session.  Students explore Latin up close and personal, as a truly living language throughout the city of Rome and on other site visits, and come away with wealth of knowledge of this language of the ancient world.

AIRC also has a unique agreement with the Italian Ministry of Culture (MiBAC) allowing special access to exclusive archaeological and cultural heritage sites, which students explore directly in the Media Studies in Rome program through journalistic writings, photography, and documentary film-making.  In this four-week program, students produce a real-world portfolio of work that they can then use as proven hands-on experience for their resumes and future careers in the various fields of communication.

This summer in Rome with AIRC will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We hope you can come join us in the Eternal City this summer on one of our innovative programs!

Shelley Ruelle is the AIRC, Director of Programming.  Please contact her at studyabroad[at] for all your study abroad questions.


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