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Pipiatio Latina: We’re hosting a #LatinTweetUp! #LTNL

On February 8th, we are hosting a Latin Tweet Up– i.e. a bunch of us Latin lovers getting together on Twitter to talk . . .  wait for it. . . in Latin!  The amazing Nancy Llewellyn will be our special guest tweeter.  And you can bet we are doubly excited because Nancy is also our guest professor for our Living Latin, Living History summer program

We don’t think there has ever been a Latin Tweet Up so think of this as an experiment, with just a few necessary requisites:

When:  Wednesday, February 8 at 5 pm Wyoming – 4pm PCT/7pm EST/1am Rome

Host:  American Institute for Roman Culture and Nancy Llewellyn

Where:   Twitter: Search for hashtag #LTNL (primary) and #LatinTweetUp

How:   Check out our customized TweetGrid  to send tweets (You will need to bookmark LTNL tweet grid page and login with your twitter account when ready to tweet.)  Follow the aforementioned hashtags and @AIRomanculture.  Or load your Twitter page and search for #TweetLatin and #LatinTweetup  for the 60 minutes of the event.

Participate:  Send us questions/comments in advance so we can feature them in the #LatinTweetup.  During the tweet up, get chatty and make sure to use hashtags #LatinTweetup or #tweetlatin within your Tweet so everyone can see your question, answer, contribution, etc.

Not on Twitter?: You can still use the TweetGrid to follow the conversation.  Though you will not be able to contribute to the discussion, you can follow all commentary.

Contact:  @AIRomanculture, email:


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