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Veni Vidi Vici*: Pipiatio Latina #LTNL

We did it.  Last Wednesday, AIRC and the amazing Nancy Llewellyn hosted our very first Latin Tweet-Up, with its very own hashtag. Perhaps not quite as catchy at GTL, #LTNL tweet up received a great response of at least twenty Twitter accounts conversing, ahem, tweeting in Latin.  Nancy fielded questions about her Latin background, upcoming projects, grammar and even sports vocabulary.

In addition,  #LTNL tag was buzzing with Latin conversations and we were later told it was followed by classrooms in San Francisco and Austin, Texas, both in live-stream and in a Tweet grid recap.  We’d love to know who else enjoyed the tweet up and we’d like to organize another #LTNL.  Spread the word about #LTNL and let us know if you are interested in co-hosting the next tweet up.

Thanks for all of your support in helping to spread the word: Latin rules!

-please send emails to

*of course we were going to use this title….


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