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Engaging History in Rome, Summer Study Abroad

For the past few weeks, we’ve really been talking up a storm about our summer excavation at Ostia Antica and Latin programs.  Why? Because we want you to come to Rome and we know you want to.  But we realize that getting dirty or speaking colloquial Latin all day may not be your bag.   And for the record, those are not the only options if you want to study abroad this summer with us in the Eternal City.

So we’ve ripped off the plastic and are launching the brand new Engaging History: Ancient Rome and Roman Culture, a four-week academic program for undergraduate students with interests in Classics/Classical Civilization, (Ancient) History, Art History, Archaeology/Anthropology, and Religious Studies.

The idea is that the classroom is Rome (and central Italy), living, breathing, outdoor program which examines the origins, development, and material culture of the Eternal City and Roman culture from before Romulus through the present day, concentrating on the roughly 1000 years between the city’s foundation and the Christianization of the empire.  Get it? It’s history by grabbing you by the collar and getting you outside and involved. . . engaging.

Sounds intense?  Think of it more as interactive.  Under expert guidance of instructors with more than 40 years of combined experience in and around Rome, the program focuses on explorative mornings investigating significant areas of the historic, monumental center, including well-known sites such as the Roman Forum, Capitoline and Palatine hills,et al, as well as a series of rarely visited sites such as the Testaccio neighborhood, the Porta Maggiore, and the Sessorium palace.

We turn the tables in the afternoons where individual exploration sessions are based on direct assisgnments requiring personal investigation of the city itself to learn about the transformation of Rome between the Middle Ages and today.  With Rome as just the first stepping stone, Engaging History walks out of the city and into the Empire with important and amazing sites outside of Rome including Ostia Antica, Palestrina, and the villa of the emperor Hadrian at Tivoli.

If you would like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you info[at]  And more importantly, we’d love you to join us this summer.  To apply to Engaging History: Ancient Rome and Roman Culture, click here.


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