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Pipiatio Latina: Agere Latine #LTNL

Latin-language ATMs, Latin-speaking tour guides and Latin Segway riding scholars. Thanks to scholars, fans and friends, Latin language is making a comeback outside of the classroom and on to the streets.  In the quest to promote Latin, we want to celebrate our second year of Pipiatio Latina, a face-paced, on-going Latin-language Twitter meet up, on Thursday October 25th with the season’s first sixty-minute tweet up all about promoting Latin in real life use: Pipiatio Latina: Agere Latine.

Co-hosted by  Dr. Nancy Llewellyn and American Institute for Roman Culture, Pipiatio Latina will begin at 2 pm Central/ 4pm Eastern Standard time on Twitter.  Just search for hashtag #LTNL and #LatinTweetUp, or keep your eye on @AIRomanculture.  We’ve also customized a TweetGrid so that you can follow all three at once.Whether available by twitter or not, we encourage all of you to participate: send us questions/comments in advance  to,  @AIRomanculture, and Facebook  RomanCulture so that we can feature them in the #LatinTweetup.  And definitely state your mind in real time during Thursday’s tweet up.  We will be posting a follow up to each tweet up on this blog and will continue #LTNL Latin Tweet Ups through the year.

Help us to promote Latin by joining in and spreading the word!

For a glimpse into Latin in action, please take a look at our Summer 2012 “Living Latin, Living History in Rome” program videos.



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