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The Next Great Travel Writers Contest by @goabroad


Can’t stop talking about your study abroad experience? Put it in writing for the”Next Great Travel Writers Contest” and show your friends your words are worth a lot.


What is the Most Annoying Song?

I Googled "annoying", and this photo came up, labeled: "This bird was so annoying, haha".

Amanda Ball, you wrote that Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” was the most annoying song. I agree with you. You therefore win! You will receive a prize. Congratulations.

We had EXCELLENT submissions…Thank you. (Delphine, I’m toying with the idea of awarding you a Referencing Real Housewives of Atlanta Prize, but we shall see.)

Contest Question #1

There is no electricity at the dig site. You cannot log onto Facebook when you are bored. You can thus be digging and have a song stuck in your head ALL DAY with no means of escaping it. It may be a song you love. It may be a song you hate.

Name me THE MOST ANNOYING SONG ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH to have stuck in your head.

(You can just list the artist and song title. I will look them up on YouTube.)

THE WINNER will be named by April 1st.


I will periodically pose questions that are in some way related to archaeology or Rome. You will give me your most creative yet accurate responses. Until the dig starts, my capricious whims will determine who best answered the questions and thus who will receive prizes upon their arrival in Rome. Once the excavation is underway, though, you will reach a consensus among yourselves to determine who ought to win.