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Pipiatio Latina: Summary #LTNL

The third international Latin tweetup sponsored by AIRC in Rome was another success! Mindful that tempus fugit (time flies), between 6 and 7 PM EST on March 21 ten tweeters from around the world traded dozens of observations and bon mots in Latin on the state of various monumenta periclitantia (endangered sites) with AIRC Executive Director Darius Arya, AIRC Associate Director of Archaeology Alberto Prieto, and the instructor of AIRC’s upcoming “Living Latin, Living History” summer course, ace pipiatrix (tweeter) Prof. Nancy Llewellyn. Thanks to everyone for making it a night to remember!
The evening’s top three tweets:

  1. On the proposed landfill near Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli: Ne in meo (principatis) horto posteriori! / Not in my (imperial villa’s) backyard! @INSCRIPTIONES
  2. On the poor condition of Pompeii: Quod non fecit Vulcanus Igneus, fecit Vulgus Italicus. / The Italians are finishing off the job that Vesuvius started. @NancyELlewellyn
  3. A useful piece of chatspeak for Latin-savvy tweeters that is bound to sweep the mainstream internet: Maxima voce cachinnans (MVC) / Laughing out loud (LOL) @NancyELlewellyn